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The onlinelifeline is an internet based secure storage and communication system for your vessel.  It provides a facility known as a vault to securely store all your equipment manuals, service schedules and maintenance records.  This can be easily updated by you or us on a regular basis.  The service is tailored to your individual requirements and is charged accordingly.

This allows you to have an up to date record of all your vital boat information from an ultra secure internet connection to your vault from anywhere at anytime on your smart phone, tablet, laptop or specified on board computer.

The benefits of having an onlinelifeline vault are; having all your manuals, service records, maintenance history and all other important boat information securely stored online and  easily accessible; set up alerts for maintenance; the vault and all its information can be transferred to new owner; better resale value of your vessel.

Security of your information is paramount – all information is stored on UK based servers that are fully compliant to UK privacy and security law and is secured by TLS (Transport Layer System) and is certified under the government Cyber Essentials scheme.  For more information contact us

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Boat Movements

We have over 35 years experience in charter, boat sales, delivery, pre-delivery preparation and fitting out of vessels both inland and offshore.

We feel that we can offer a reliable quality service to you in the following areas:

• Delivering canal or sea-going power and sail • Skippering with or without crew • Tuition for new and old hands

• We specialise in repatriation and sale of vessels following a bereavement.

All staff are qualified to the level required for the requisite task and appropriate insurance cover is covered in our rates if required.

We are centrally located allowing easy access throughout the country. Through our worldwide contacts we are able to offer a professional solution at a realistic price. Should you have a need for any of the above services contact us today for a competitive quotation.

If you have a specific project you would like us to quote on, click on the email button below. Then enter the details of your requirements. In the case of deliveries, please give accurate details of the type of boat, location of vessel, condition and destination together with any other relevant information, i.e. ownership, nationality of vessel, has VAT been paid etc. We will contact you at our first opportunity to discuss matters.

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Competitive Boat and Yacht Insurance Cover

We are able to offer you an alternative Insurance quote on your next renewal for your yacht, narrow boat or other pleasure craft.  Contact us today – who knows, we could save you money!

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What Makes a Boater’s Will Different?

The boaters will company was set up by boaters for boaters. Over the last 15 years we have specialised in will writing, Lasting Powers of Attorney and estate administration for boaters whether they reside in the UK or overseas.

Yacht or boat ownership can complicate a person’s estate administration.  Simple things like title how the vessel is owned, is it a business asset, where is it situated, how can it be sold etc. are all important issues not usually encountered by the typical legal practitioner hence why we decided to set up a specialist company to deal with these issues during life and upon death.

We are able to offer a full range of specialist services that cater for the UK inland live aboard boater or the International ocean cruiser. For more information contact us to discuss your options.


Why purchase a Prepaid Funeral Plan?

A funeral plan guarantees that your wishes will be carried out, and that the Funeral Director’s services are guaranteed and paid for and there should be no extra cost to your family other than disbursements which vary due to location, an amount towards disbursements are included in most plans.

It is possible to buy a plan on behalf of another person.

We can also arrange plans to include local funeral services or repatriation to UK from selected overseas locations.

You choose a funeral plan to suit your requirements across a range of prices, you can pay in full or by installments if preferred.

At a time of sadness, you will have relieved your family of both the financial and emotional  burdens  at this difficult and emotional time.

Your money is completely safe. It is held in an independent Trust Fund. Your payment is guaranteed to cover the future costs of your funeral when the time comes. This being one of the most cost effective investments one can make as current insurance and saving rates do not match the rise in funeral costs in recent years.

In the UK the average increase in funeral costs in recent years is 7.5%  and the average cost of a funeral by cremation  today is £3700.00. Well worth investigating further. See

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