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Androne was founded in 1998 by Charles Foster DipM MCIM to provide a professional consultancy, to assist clients with marketing, new product development, sales training and other aspects of business management.We are a company specialising in the art of getting products or services to your new and existing customers in the right form, at the right time, at the right price and most importantly for you . . . first . . . before your competitors!
Simply stated, we can assist management to define the main aspects of profitable business strategy. Whilst clients needs are different.
No stereotyped client has evolved.
We have assisted companies in a variety of different sectors, from start up enterprises to established businesses requiring specialist services.How we work . . .
Intially, we try to learn from you the following:
• Your specific needs and background

• Origins of the problem

• Scope of the investigation required

• The key issues to be examined.

• The depth of the assignment

• A logical plan of attack

• Approximate costs and time involved

At this point there is no obligation on either side. Once we have gathered this information. Together we can determine whether we are the best people to do the task in hand. Then a proposal outlining terms and the extent of the project will be formally agreed.

Services . . .
We offer a marketing service tailored to the individual needs of your business. No two clients are ever the same, while the ultimate goal may be similar, the method of approach that is required is rarely the same.

• Problem Analysis

• Planning

• Marketing Strategies

• Competitor Analysis

• Development of Selling Skills

• Research and Development

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