UK based secure Digital Storage Vaults


Secure online document delivery and storage

Are you prepared for the New Data Protection Rules

(GDPR-General Data Protection Regulation)


These new rules come into force 25th May 2018. It applies to all organisations who collect, store and process data that can identify an individual.



will protect against:

          Cyber Fraud

  • Ransomware – currently the biggest cyber security threat to business
  • Make your document storage and delivery GDPR compliant

Keep all your Company information and documents safe in our





androneGROUP document storage – our digital vault is cloud based where your company and client data can be securely stored  – giving you peace of mind that all your data is stored on UK based servers that are fully compliant to UK Law and the new GDPR.  The vault can be securely accessed from anywhere in the world – all you need is a device and an internet connection.

androneGROUP document delivery – all documents emailed from the vault are sent on a secure compliant connection – unlike normal emails that can be hacked, this is vital now for the delivery of sensitive documents such as contracts etc.

What you can store:

       Client Information·      Banking & Financial Docs       Agreements/Contracts     Privacy Policies    Employee Information                 Audit Reports

Documents and images you upload to your vault can be easily edited, updated, stored or emailed.  The vault also maintains a complete audit trail of all system activity and records of usage.

Your vault will only be accessible by you.  No-one can have access to it unless you permit them to have access to all or part of it – for example the sales team or the accounts department.

Features of the on-line vault:

 UK based server, compliant to UK Law and GDPRUpload documents and images in PC and Mac formatVault capacity to suit your business Worldwide Secure AccessHighly safe and secure communication    between users

Amongst the most secure sites on the  


We offer specialist management systems for secure online storage and document delivery of company and client information within your company and for communication with your clients.
   This is a bespoke service using online ultra secure vaults with access via special permissions and alerts to suit individual business requirements.

Our system

Our system enables you, as a provider of information, to deliver documents with total security to clients and other parties using an online vault in which documents can be stored permanently.  We use a familiar folder and file structure to present information in a way that reflects your business.

Uploading files

  • Files can be uploaded using the web interface into specific folders, in quantities of up to 20 at a time
  • Files of up to 470 mb have been successfully uploaded to the vault. The maximum file size will be governed by the speed of the internet connection available
  • Comments can be added to files as they are uploaded, for example to explain why a new version of a file is being uploaded
  • Email notifications of file uploads can optionally be triggered automatically. These emails contain a link to allow the recipient to login and view the files. The files themselves are never carried by email
  • Multiple versions of files can be uploaded into the vault and managed in a single view within a folder; previous versions can be displayed if required

Downloading files

  • Files can be opened for viewing; image files are viewed in a new browser tab, files with editable content such as MS Office documents will be opened using the mother application
  • Multiple files can be downloaded in a single action, and placed in a ZIP file on the user’s computer
  • When using the web interface, files held in Safe4 cannot be edited. To change the contents of a file, the file must be edited locally and uploaded as a new version
  • Using the WebDAV interface, described below, editable files can be edited online, with the modified version being held in the vault as a new version

Familiar folder and file structure

  • Folder structures can be created to reflect the provider’s business, and the nature of the information being stored
  • Users can be granted the ability to create, move, rename and delete folders
  • No limit on the number of folders, nor on the number of sub-folder levels
  • The root folder can be renamed by the provider administrator
  • Common Folders are visible to users of all of the vaults in a provider account. This allows certain types of document to be made available to a large population of users by a single upload action
  • Vaults can be copied very rapidly; this function can carry across the complete folder structure, including permissions, to the new vault

  User management are invited by email to register for the system

  • Both provider and vault users
  • Users can add new invitations to their existing accounts
  • Permissions and membership of security groups can be determined at the time of the invitation, or at any time subsequently
  • Users can be disabled instantly; disabled users will lose their access to the system immediately
  • If the use of a PIN is not enforced by the administrator, individual users can choose to set up their own PIN

  Security groups

  • Security groups are applied to folders and to users; this will determine the actions that each can perform on the contents of a folder
  • Users can be permitted to upload, move, rename and delete files
  • Users can also be permitted to upload, move, rename and delete folders
  • It is thus possible for users to be permitted to upload files, but not move, rename or delete them
  • Sub-folders can be given different security groups from their parent, thus allowing more restrictive control of sub-folders


  • Provider users can be permitted to manage both provider and client users, as well as to allocate security groups to users and folders
  • The ability to manage branding can be applied selectively to provider users, as can the ability to set up the web link from the files and folders page
  • Safe4 has a comprehensive reporting capability. Access to this is also controlled by a permission setting
  • Content control through the scanning of uploaded files for protective markings is also a function that is permission-controlled

 Reporting and file history

  • Reports on activity within your vault can be generated by authorised provider users
  • Any date range can be selected, as can any of the provider accounts and vaults accessible to the user in question
  • Every single function available within the vault can be queried in this way
  • All actions performed on the files within the vault are recorded and made available as an audit trail. This is shown adjacent to the file in question, and does not require a report to be run

   Branding to reflect your corporate style

  • Each provider account can feature a different logo, and can be named according to the application in question (for example a law firm may wish to brand corporate and private client accounts differently)
  • Provider accounts can use different terminology to describe vaults (for example Clients, Projects, Matters, Data Rooms, etc)
  • Provider accounts can have customised individual welcome text for the login page, and disclaimer text for user invitation emails
  • Vaults within each provider account can carry a link to the provider’s website


  • Web Distributed Authoring and Versioning has been implemented within the vault
  • This allows a network drive to be mapped on Windows and Apple computers, connecting to the vault in the cloud
  • All of the provider accounts and vaults that the user is permitted to see will be displayed as folders and sub-folders in Windows Explorer
  • All of the functions available in Windows can thus be used: files can be uploaded and downloaded by simple dragging and dropping them between folders in Windows
  • New files can be created in applications such as Microsoft Office, for example, by right-clicking and selecting “New …”
  • MS Office files can be opened, edited, and saved simply by double-clicking in the normal way. The amended version is placed into the vault as a new version of the original file. Previous versions can then be displayed in the web interface if required

  Unique and flexible architecture

  • Multi-tenanted structure
  • Unlimited number of providers
  • Each provider may create an unlimited number of vaults, for external or internal applications
  • Each provider may have an unlimited number of users
  • Each vault may have an unlimited number of users
  • Each user may be connected to multiple provider accounts
  • Each user may be connected to multiple vaults
  • Users may have a combination of different provider and vault account connections through a single login

Security to us is paramount

All information is stored on UK based servers and compliant to UK privacy and security law.  The connection between your device and our online vaults is secured  by TLS (Transport Layer Security) and is certified under the government Cyber Essentials scheme.

Our experience from involvement in the legal and leisure sectors we know that we can develop a suitable package to suit your individual business requirements.

Typical example of a business using our systems was developed to provide a secure facility for individuals to have a ultra secure online vault to look after their life’s history and digital legacy.  So to help in easing Probate requirements and ensuring that family histories are not lost.

How does the vault work? The Digital Vault is an internet-based service that allows you to place all of the information required for your day to day records in a secure facility that you can access at any time, from anywhere in the world with an internet connection.
It will also be possible for you to upload information to the vault yourself, and to edit and update files that are held there, such as a list of your assets and liabilities.
Whether you access it frequently or only occasionally, the vault will allow you to ensure that your  documents, records and images are always complete and up-to-date.
Your vault will only be available to you. Nobody else will have access to it in your lifetime.
If you choose, you can allow other people such as your executor and members of your family to have access to selected sections of the vault at specific times.
The vault capacity is nominally 1 gigabyte. This can typically hold at least 1,000 documents, or more if the majority are electronic files such as spreadsheets, Word documents and scanned images. You will also be able to store short video or audio files within this allocation of space. If you need more capacity, this can be made available at a small extra charge.
Store everything needed for your every day needs Store personal documents.
Copies of critical documents such as insurance policies, as well as details of birth certificates, licences, certificates, bank accounts, credit cards, mortgages, bonds, and equities.
Details of subscriptions or pre-paid services. These may include gym and club memberships, AA or RAC cover, annually-paid insurances for the car and home, car tax and TV licence among others.
Many of us now use services such as PayPal or eBay, and indeed online gambling services. Money held in any of these accounts can increase the value of the estate if a record is kept within the vault.
Hold other important information Other important files can be held in the vault.  These can include scanned copies of the photo page of your passport, your driving licence (losing either of these while travelling can be costly and very inconvenient), and other information such as education records, certificates and warranties relating to home modifications, service records for your car, and many other documents that you really do not want to lose.
The Digital Inheritance Vault will also hold information relating to funeral plans, and your specific wishes relating to your funeral such as music or flowers, and any texts or readings that you feel are appropriate.
Your digital legacy Although we may not realise the full extent, almost all of us use electronic services to handle many parts of our lives. We all use email to communicate with family and friends. Years of treasured and valuable correspondence can be lost if email passwords are not available as part of the legacy we leave behind. The leading email service providers will not release email accounts for your successors, no matter what legal proceedings are undertaken.
Other online activities will include our digital presence on services such as Facebook, Twitter, Skype, LinkedIn, and other social media. It can be very distressing for anniversary or birthday messages to keep popping up for loved ones who may have passed away years earlier. If access to such accounts is made available through information stored in the inheritance vault they can be closed down properly.
There are a number of lawsuits being conducted with respect to iTunes. Often considerable investments are made in purchasing music in iTunes, but your successors will not be able to inherit the contents due to licencing restrictions. Leaving the access details in a secure vault will at least allow others to make use of this type of service.
What about security? Androne and its partners have made strenuous efforts to ensure that the service is as secure as possible. Recent independent tests show that it is among the safest 1% of sites on the internet, out of more than 1.2 million tested.
Penetration tests have been carried out by independent agencies accredited under the UK Government’s IT CHECK scheme. These have shown excellent results.
All of the information held within your vault is stored securely in the United Kingdom.  It will thus not be subject to intrusive interception by foreign governments or authorities.
Because the vault uses a highly-configured internet connection, it can be used safely from devices in public areas, such as airports, hotels, or internet cafes.

Another example of the use of our systems is the which uses a similar style of operation for individual asset management for storage of manuals, images and service histories for boats, caravans, flying or classic cars enthusiasts where the “all vital” information needs to be transferred between owners.

We are happy to discuss with you the benefits of the use of our digital vaults and management systems both on a individual and business basis.  For further information contact us on 01543 423600 or 0800 612 5019.

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