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Ultimate Business Succession Planning

Ultimate Legal Services offers a specialist consultancy for Business Succession Plans, that will assist the business in how to formulate a strategy in respect of the life cycle of the business and the issues involved from creation to its current position.

We spend a lot of time in the creation and day to day operation of our businesses and seldom plan ahead for the future of the business when we have had enough.          

You need to consider what are you options?  This may be to sell the business as a going concern.  Possibly just close the business down or     leave it to internal evolution.  You also need to consider how this will effect your own later life estate planning.

Simply – we offer advice and plans of what to do with your business when you have had enough!

Does you business qualify for Agricultural Relief or Business Relief?

Most Will Writers, Accountants and Solicitors just do not have the access to the specialist knowledge built up over the years to even understand how to put a program of how to exit your business in the best way and enjoy the benefits for yourself and loved ones into the future. Whether you are a sole trader or company directer, we can help.

Commercial Lasting Powers of Attorney

How long would your business survive if a key man was unable to function due to physical or mental incapacity?

What happens to the business if a key partner or director becomes mentally unable to make decisions and carry out their duties within the organisation?

Under the Mental Health (Discrimination) Act 2013  director can still carry on being a director even when he loses capacity, he cannot simply be removed from his office.

We can advise on why Lasting Powers of Attorney are needed and how they fit into the modern business structure.  Also how changes need to be made within the ‘Model Articles’ or ‘Memorandum of articles  of association’ to deal with the effects.

Our team of specialists can assist  in all of these areas.

Ultimate Lasting Powers of Attorney

Due to the complexity of preparing the correct Lasting Power of Attorney for specific individual and business needs Ultimate Lasting Powers of Attorney was created to provide a cost effect solution for this difficult task.

Simple General Power of Attorney for time specific tasks

Lasting Powers of Attorney (Personal) – one power in two parts:

1.Property & Financial Affairs

2.Health & Welfare

Commercial Lasting Powers of Attorney – Business Property & Financial Affairs power only

A personal Lasting Power of Attorney for Property & Financial Affairs is unlikely to be suitable for business affairs

We offer full certificate provider and registration services.

Ultimate also specialises in the difficult process of setting up of Court Appointed Deputyships.

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